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    Thank you to the kind person who posted that the AOL application was the one causing a continuous reset loop. I just upgraded from 600 to 650 and it turned out the AOL was the problem.

    Is anyone using AOL on the 650? I'm not talking about AIM, I'm talking about being able to read my AOL email.

    No about AOL, I've had my particular email addy for 10 yrs and don't want to change. I know, I know.... But this thread is about compatability, so don't flame me for using AOL!!!

    Any suggestions? The continuous loop thing was scary and annoying, thought I had a lemon!
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    Why not use VersaMail (or the email app of your choice) to check your AOL email ?
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    There is a different version of the AOL app for the 650, not sure if the upgrade is free. Otherwise, why not use versamail for your AOL mail as narbeauchamp says?

    The details you will needs are:

    imap server:
    smtp server:

    Use your usual AOL screenname and password to connect, and make sure you tap Advanced instead of finish when setting up the account so you can use ESMTP.

    If you are an AOL UK subscriber you should use and instead.
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