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    I have about 8 days left with my trial. I currently use Snapper. I'm growing fond of Chatter but 2 things that I particularly don't like and can't get myself past them.

    1. I sync about every other day or every 2 days. So I get about 15-20 emails unsynced. The thing I don't like about Chatter is when I try to fetch more of a particular mail already downloaded it will sync all unsynced emails (15 or so) first before getting to it. Is there any way around this?

    2. I don't use xiino and hate the speed of Blazer. I use Webpro. Chatter doesn't have any option to chose any other browser but xiino or blazer. Marc mentioned this might be in the works. I suppose I can wait...

    Am I just being too picky or what?

    Other than than, Chatter is a great app. Plus has a way better interface than Snapper. Uses less RAM and stores mail in SD card real time (main reason I want to switch). Chatter I have about 1mb in RAM and Snapper about 3.2mb (even though I have it set to save new mail to card).
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    aznmode: Are you using POP3 or IMAP?
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    I've used both. Yes Chatter has such little things. My main complaint is it does not stay at the message I was at and I always need to scroll down.

    But these can be lived with. I cannot stay with Snapper because it makes my composed messages in Chinese into garbage. I also have to clean its database periodically as it gets bigger and bigger.
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    I'm using POP.
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    I have had much better luck with chatter syncing with IMAP, rather POP mailboxes, as I was also having the skipped message issue. In IMAP mode, there's great background mailbox syncing and push functionality. So much better than having Snappermail **** into whatever you happen to be doing when it decides that it's time to check your email.

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