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    I just bought a TREO 650 and want to sync my ical and Address book on my mac with my TREO. I know I need Missing Sync 5. Do I also need isync, and if so, do I need to pay $100 a year to get a .mac account? Please advise.
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    No you do not need a .mac account. Missing Sync is sufficient to sync your treo with your Mac... And get the beta version of Missing Sync. This version is a Universal Binary that will work on both the PowerPC and Inter Macs and resolves a number of sync issues. You can download the beta version from here . I have been using the beta version for a while now and have no issues at all.

    Also check out the Treo+Mac section on this forum...

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    Dear cullal, Thank you so much for replying! I downloaded the binary version as you suggested and no data is being transferred, even though the syncing process seems to be working just fine. I have one conduit conflict with the memo pad, but no other conflicts other than that. The manual with Missing Sync said that I will need to use iSync to sync iCal and addressbook. You and others say that isync is not necessary. (I have 10.3.9, BTW.)

    I am spending so much time on this! Ergh! Do you have any thoughts?
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    Ah - to use Missing Sync's support for Sync Services, you have to be running Mac OS X 10.4.x - otherwise you're stuck with Palm's conduits.
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    You don't need a .Mac account or Missing Sync to iSync to your Address Book and iCal. Follow these steps provided by palm:

    If you want it your contacts and calender in Entourage to sync with these, just go into Entourage prefs and click iSync options and enable it to sync with iCal and Address Book.

    I just tried this, however, my calender in Entourage didn't show any of the events that came up in iCal. My contacts did sync though. If anyone finds a way to get this to work, please let me know.

    Im on a Macbook Pro. I couldn't find any other way to sync my info. Seems like you can't hotsync to Entourage as you normally would onto the intel macs yet.
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