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    I was wondering if anyone else is have trouble with using T as a quick key to toggle the Small/large font option. All of the rest of my quick keys work except for that one, which is the one I use the most... When I press it all I get is the system BEEP. I only started to happen after I upgraded to 1.1.5 today. I can manually do it thru the top menu, but thats a pain. So if anyone else is having the same probelm or found a solution it would be much appreciated!
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    I removed "T" as a quick key for that; it's now "Delete on Treo only".

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    Thats unfortunate, I really liked the convince of it...
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    Wymo78, I agree with you on the convenience of the "T" quick key. Oddly enough, I've found that toggling the tiny font still works if you are in compressed view, so a quick "CT" combination will still get you there.

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