I am one of many who have been scouring the internet trying to put all the pieces together to enable a Treo 650 to access corporate e-mail on an Exchange Server via Versa-Mail 3.1 using Exchange ActiveSync. I have seen many pieces regarding a solution, but no source that seems to tie it together.
* Microsoft doesn't seem to have a published solution although I see many paths that lead to KB 817379 (unsuccessful).
* I also have heard mention of the need for a commercially-issued SSL certificate (Haven't purchased yet pending solution)
* I have changed to windows authentication for the exchange virtual directory, no luck.
* My Palm Treo support is through Sprint PCS - The advance level tech (2?), although very polite, could not direct me toward a solution past setting it up in on the Treo end, but no help/resources for server side.

Some items regarding my setup
My system is a Microsoft Server 2003 SBS with Exchange 2003 and ISA 2004, all with updated patches & Service packs.

The error is see on my Treo 650 when trying to login is a 401 Unauthorized (The server requires authorization, please check username and password) And I am using the same authentication that I can successfully use to login to OWA.

OMA doesn't work on my system - I login when loading https://myservername/oma but I get "Error Code: 500 Internal Server Error. The certificate chain was issued by an authority that is not trusted. (-2146893019)" I understand this piece may need to be address by a commercial SSL certificate, but in the big picture, does remedying this piece alone allow me to use Exchange Activesync for my e-mail/calendar?

I don't want to use POP3 to access my e-mail

Finally, I think I represent a large number of users that have purchased Treo 650's with the promise of using and syncing with at least e-mail and calendar, but have had to spend an inordinate amount of time and resources to seek a seemingly obscure solution to a feature heavily touted by Palm. Doesn't somebody at Palm realize that if they're going to market something, if they help users utilize the features they're pushing, they'll going to sell many more units? We need to demand more of Palm with this, secondarily our phone carriers, and third Microsoft. After searching for nearly two weeks for a solution, I'm not much closer than when I started. I'm seriously considering returning the Treo 650 as the pilot program I'm leading for my company seems to point to a scrub.

Thanks for any help towards a complete solution. Much appreciated.