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    I have an old M505 with a 3rd party database that I consider essential, and want to purchase a T650. However, the database was written for OS 3.5 and 4, and the mfr says it "WILL NOT FUNCTION UNDER OS 5".

    Is it possible to emulate OS4 with a T650?

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    I haven't found anything either. I have a custom writtem program that I spent thousands for. Sure would like to have it available on my 650. I have to carry a Palm Zire - the original 2M model to use it!
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    Not sure about the custom program, but I also was a heavy OS 4 user & missed a lot of my old apps. I've found solutions for nearly all of them, though. Let me know what you're using & I'll do my best to point you to its counterpart.
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    oops! Upon rereading, I see you're both talking custom apps. Sorry. I originally thought you were concerned about hacks & enhancements.

    I guess it's time for bed. Tired eyes makes for misreading.
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    In my case, I'm a commercial pilot. I carry my 505 in part because of the Aircraft Owner's & Pilot's Association eDatabase, an aviation directory of every airport in the US, as well as major international airports. The data is updated every month, and the entire database is very comprehensive (nearly 5Mb).

    I have asked AOPA's IT folks about the Treo, and they say they are looking into it for me. In the meanwhile, I am looking for a workaround to the OS5 limitation, either by way of modifying settings of a T650, or by emulating OS4.

    Unfortunately, AOPA's website states specifically:
    PDA: You must have installed on your PC the following two programs: Palm Desktop Software for Windows, Version 3.0.3 or above, and Palm HotSync Manager, Version 3.0.4 or above. Also, your PDA must be using Palm OS Version 3.5 or 4. Most PDA users will find they already have the necessary versions of the above programs and Palm OS. If you are one of the few who must upgrade one or more programs, please visit for software notes and instructions.
    Note: Certain Handspring Visor PDAs are not upgradeable to Palm OS 3.5.

    Note: The new Palm Tungsten T uses Palm version 5.0. This OS generates an error due to the difference in system architecture of OS 5 from earlier Palm OS. We are investigating a solution.

    Any suggestions are appreciated!

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