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    Lately, I've been having problems with my PdaNet app connected to a Sprint Treo 650 and a Sony TX670 laptop.

    My handheld keeps giving me the same error message of needing to turn of bluetooth, or something similar, and then promptly disconnects. My laptop will simply freeze completely, and I would need to reboot.

    Any suggestions? Thanks, CC.
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    Do you have chattermail or any other application using Sprint Vision running in the background?
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    I would LOVE to use pdaNET but have heard of issues with inability to reconnect wirelessly with the home network after using the program. Has anyone had this problem? Has anyone resolved this problem? I spend a lot of time in airports and on the road and this would be a wonderful tool to utilize. Thanks.
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    I am on Verizon, and I give this program a billion thumbs up. It has worked seamlessly from the start (hope I am not jinxing myself by saying this;-). Reconnects no problem. Was a passenger in a car from Rochester to Albany, surfing the web. I get up to 192 kb/s connections at times. Get the trial version to try it out!
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    I'm on Sprint and I love it! I was able to get 192 kbs too and it's so cool not depending on anyone else's network when away on travel like in hotel's or on vacation like I was on Spring break. Having Bt, I also do it wirelessly.

    Tedcousins, I didn't use BT for months after getting my new BT laptop last year because I couldn't get it go work off the bat. But after reading about folks getting it to work on their desktops, I got determined. It did take the right combination of pairing, creating the extra com port, etc. but it was well worth it. (PM me if you like, I may be able to help.) But again, I'm on Sprint if that makes a difference, I really don't know.

    Having both BT and PdaNet work is just a joy and technology at it's best!
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    I used this software since the day I got my 650. It works without any issues. I was also able to change the 192 to 384 (or somewhere close to it). Settings was changed on the desktop.
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    ps- I am on sprint also

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