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    The WSJ has an article with a front page graphic describing the stepped-up advertising campaign for the Treo as BB users were kept anxious about a possible suspension of their service.

    This is old news considering the full-page ads in the WSJ and the billboards all over Manhattan including Times Square (it's no longer there).
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    Here's the billboard in Times Square from last November:
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    Well old news to the peeps driving arund Manhattan . Still wish WSJ would do better research. Firms like Gartner and IDC exclude Treos from smartphone and PDA categories and reporting that RIM sold more devices than palm sold Treos is silly when it doesn't emntion that not all BB's have phones in them. In truth, palm (4.72 million) sold more devices than BB (4.23 million) did.

    Thing I liked about the article is that it correctly points out that the best thing about this is "options". It reports that many shops aren't looking at this as we must corporate standradize on Treo or BB but let users pick or let their department managers pick what works best where. Just like corps pick whether dumb terminals or windows boxes best serve their individual worker classes.

    If the "marketplace" is comapred to a remote resort in a wilderness area with golf course, the BB is the "golf cart" equivalent, does the job it's intended to do w/o too much hassle, whereas the Treo is the "all terrain vehicle", can take you around the course as well as the BB but gets you to the back woods lodge, that waterfall in the mountains, "crater lake" and many other uses winter and summer. If your most adventurous outdoor activity is gonna golf, sign up for the cart.

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