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    OK....I've had issues with my mic on and off ever since I got the phone late last summer. The wired headphone, BT headphone, and speakerphone all would work without any issues....and overall, the phone had much better speaker volume/fewer resets since the last official Cingular sw/fw (1.17/1.51) upgrade. The only time the mic would "auto-mute" was during a call when I was holding the phone against my ear. If this happened, the work-around was to hit talk (green button) twice....but when you end up doing this 5 or 6 times in one call, the person on the other end thinks you're losing it! Anyway, it seems like the issue is that the mic was being way too "sensitive", I don't mean emotional, but picking up too much noise, overloading, and taking a time-out....maybe a safeguard? Anyway, I put VolumeCare back on the phone and cut off mic boost and lowered the initial mic volume. This seems to have done the trick. No more mic "auto-mutes" for the last week or so. I've even done a couple tests calling the speakerphone in my office....VolumeCare on and off. With it off, I'm able to make the mic mute when I get loud. With it enabled the mic doesn't flinch. Hope this helps anyone out there with a similar problem. Thanks VolumeCare!
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    Ooooh .... !!! Do you think there is anyway we could convince all the phone manufacturers of the world (universe?) to incorporate this design into all phones;thereby ending the incessant screaming into the phone by all the inconsiderate clods ????
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    lol....don't think so....but it didn't take screaming to mute the mic....just talking normal volume too close to the handset
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    Well, it probably means the sensitivity could be adjusted so that exceeding a socially accepted dB would mute the mic. (Except that people would then yell even louder until they finally realized that the mic was dead).

    Thanks for sharing your experience (a well presented post by the way) and listening to my diatribe. This forum is great for learning from the solutions by others. Glad you found a simple work around for your problem.

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