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    Wanna ask something from treocentral friend. I've recently bought treo 650, anyway when I charge the treo, the backlight has been off & have to push the power on button / adjust the brightness to wake up the backlight (when I check, the device seem hot).
    I've read the treocentral old thread & found out that there are several people also have that backlight problem with their treo. I've also read that maybe with the software 'profilecare' can fix this issue, but I've installed 'profilecare' and still the problem remain. (also I've have not installed any software such: brightcam, etc; that maybe can cause the problem)
    What I want to know is:
    1. Does this is a hardware problem / that can be fix by software or something?
    2. If this is a hardware problem, does you guys send the treo for repair (or warranty) or live with it? Cause I'm afraid that even if they sent me a replacement the problem still not fix. (maybe all treo has this backlight issue?)

    By the way, sorry for the long read. And just want to confess that TREO 650 really was the best smartphone I've ever used
    Any advice would be great. Many thanks.
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    What you describe should NOT happen. Your Treo's backlight should be at the same brightness level when you turn it on as when you last turned it off. The backlight will go off when it's charging and the back of the phone (battery cover) will warm up slightly while charging...that's normal. If you only recently purchased the phone, I'd return it under warranty (1-yr) for another.
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    You mean that when charging, the backlight will go off & the back of the phone will warm up is normal? Cause if other treo's like that maybe I'll not return the phone. (afraid that the new one I received still the same)
    I mean my treo was really at the same brightness level when I turned it on & off but the backlight is off cause I can see the icon but the backlight was off. I've read that some people said because the heat. Is it true?
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    I also forget to mention that the screen backlight is off but the keyboard backlight is on.
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    Whenever Treos get very warm, the backlight sometimes doesn't turn on at the same time as the keyboard backlight - but this happens only when it's VERY warm.
    This should not be considered a normal thing though. Especially not every time it's charging. It might only happen if you leave your treo out in the sun or in a hot car, or if you've had the screen on for a prolonged period of time (watching a movie or something).
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    Strange cause my treo 650 always get pretty warm when charging. Maybe this not normal. So maybe need to return it? (guessing maybe the charger adapter or the battery ?)
    Cause still doubt whether the replacement treo was better than this one. Mine now was so stable, hadn't have any problem except this backlight problem. By the way, thanks for the reply.

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