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    I would like to ask all BeOS users who own Visor handhelds to drop a line to Handspring Support and ask for BeOS Palm Dekstop and USB sync driver. It looks like they already think about it so several polite requests can turn them in right direction. Remember, if we won`t ask, we will have to do it ourselves :^)
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    Do you actually use Be all of the time?? I've got the free BeOS 5 version on my home PC. I've played with it a couple of times, but don't really use it for serious stuff. Got any good reference books/sites for the OS?

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    I've got FreeBe on my system, too, though I don't use it too often due to lack of apps. If it had a more current web browser, and a couple other things, I'd use it more often =)

    Anyway, and are possibly the best Be resources out there. The first has tips and tricks on all aspects of the OS, and the second has lots of shareware/freeware apps.
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    i remember seeing palm synching software for Be some time ago at bebits. However, it specifically mentioned that it did not function with the usb visor, and that development on it had halted completely. however, with a serial cradle, it might work just fine. in addition, there are a few projects about to create software to allow the easy porting of *nix software to be, as well as running them in emulation. it's entirely possible that one could use the *nix pilot apps to replicate your visor under be.
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    BeOS 5 Pro is my primary operating system. The only thing I need Windoze for is to transfer MP3's to my RCA Lyra. I do everything in Be: scanning, printing, transferring pics from my Kodak digicam, surfing, burning, ripping, encoding, e-mailing, and of course, syncing and installing apps to my Visor Prism. I'm not gonna throw out a bunch of "buzzwords" at you, but in a nutshell, take all of the things you hate about Windoze and throw them out, because BeOS has none of them! It was designed from the ground up approx. 6 years ago to totally kick ***, and it certainly does. People could save hundreds of dollars just by upgrading their OS instead of buying new hardware. Tracker (the file manager) windows open instantly, and that's on a 400MHz K6-III. Everything is fast, fast, fast, and easy to use. Supported hardware works right out of the box; no drivers to search for or download. I could go on for hours, so if you want to know more, just e-mail me. You can visit for the free version, adn to check out the software that's available.
    As far as Visor usage goes, I had to shell out the $50 for the serial cradle. :-(
    I use a program called BePlan which has a calendar, alarms, memos and uses the standard BeOS "People" files (address book). It also comes with BeSync. I had already installed the software, so all I did was set the Visor on the cradle, open the BeSync app and press the button. There was absolutely no setup on my part at all!
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