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    In case you guys have been missing me... It's only because I got
    the BEIKS BDicty Dictionary and Thesaurus (Ver 5.9 Pro) and
    playing around with it. This is my personal assessment of this piece
    of software...

    • Expandable, multiple dictionaries

    • Pop it up from any application

    • Can load dictionaries from SD card.

    • Reasonably fast.

    • Reset my Treo only once in two days.
    • Speeleing Mestakes (even one is too many in a Dictionary)

    • Word definitions are simply inadequate, if you really don't
      know the word you are searching for, you can't figure out
      what it means from the explanation given. A "circular"
      definition is used in many cases, using the same word to
      define it.

    • Does not give most used definitions first. Weird usage of
      words take centerstage in the limited screen-space most
      of the time.

    • Could have used fonts (or colours) to present information
      effectively. Now, one has to read everything to figure out
      what one wants.

    • No support for the 5-Way, irritating User Interface issues
      that hamper functionality
    Summary: (the -ves are serious and far outweigh the +ves)



    I now realise that I was unduly harsh in my review... After using
    it for some time I guess it's ok, for the price.

    - mvk
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    I really dig the pop up function, but I agree that there are shortcomings.
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    But was free! Who am I to complain?
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    I use Alex w/ speech.
    it helps for pronunciation.
    Beiks is supposed to have speech (enpron), but I could never get it to work.
    Just call me Berd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pdxtreo
    But was free! Who am I to complain?
    Don't know how, but I managed to pay for it (bundled with DtoG) - mvk
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    Downloaded the trial of the Oxford American Desk Dictionary
    and Thesaurus. It is so much better than the BDicty Dictionary
    and Thesaurus...

    • Appears true to the printed version of the dictionary.
      Comprehensive included list of words.

    • Nice layout and emphasis of the actual text descriptions.
      Easy on the eyes; one can quickly locate the necessary

    • Look-ups are fast enough.

    • Integrated Thesaurus. This is good as you don't have to switch
      between the two modes. Every other Dictionary-Thesaurus
      combination I've seen requires one to explicitly switch between them.

    • Click on Thesaurus words to call-up its definition.
    • The ugly brown coloured interface that looks completely
      out of place among the other palm applications. The interface
      is not user configurable.

    • No dictionary pop-up from other applications. This could be
      a serious limitation hampering usability in some cases.

    • Not very evident how to run the dictionary database from
      the SD Card (it's > 5 MB!). Just move the file to the SD card
      and it will be read from there, no problems!

    • No support for multiple dictionaries.
    Summary: (A good, low cost dictionary with an ugly face)
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    Thanks Greenhex, I'm always looking for a better dictionary too, and as far as comprehensiveness goes (and for me that means going beyond definitions, to provide grammar data [e.g. past participles of verbs], pronunciation, usage hints, etymology) this one is as good or better than my previous favourite, the Oxford Concise from Mobipocket.

    I compared the word "lay" in both of these:

    Both have:

    Definitions: they cover nearly identical ground, although the Concise is better organised.
    Grammar data: but the American provides more (e.g. transitive or Intrans.)
    Phrases: again, the Concise is better organised.
    Usage Hints: the Usage Pointers in the Concise are well demarcated.

    Concise has uniquely:


    Oxford American has uniquely:

    Thesaurus (too skimpy though to be actually useful for me)
    Standalone operation: this is a big plus. With Mobipocket's increasing obsession with protecting the revenue from its proprietary format, launching anything in this program has become a tedious process. MP seems to scan your entire filing system, checking (I imagine from the messages it occasionally comes up with) whether anything resembling an ebook is or isnt registered with MP.

    The American is 1/3 cheaper, and just squeaks in under the $20 ceiling that works as as quite a psychological threshhold for me (I could never bring myself to do anything more than admire the Concise's demo)


    PS have you heard the one about the pig and the goat?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TRgEOff
    PS have you heard the one about the pig and the goat?
    Pardon me, but that, I am not very familiar...

    On dictionary comparisons, I had really not thought of getting into the
    actual content and comprehensiveness as that would be leading to a
    place I wouldn't want to go.

    I've used The Collins Paperback English Dictionary as a deskside reference
    for the past 20 years or so... unfortunately, this does not seem to be
    available for the Treo. An updated version would be just great!

    - mvk
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