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    contemplating buying a kingston 512 mini sd card for treo 650

    where can i find compatibility info to make sure i dont buy something i cant use
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    Did you try a search one these boards for sd card compatibility? Here is one result.
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    You want a regular SD card for the 650 not a mini. See the "SD Card Deals" thread...and for what they cost nowdays anything less than a 2 gigger seems a waste of effort.
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    Got a ADATA 4GB Turbo 150x for $90 on ebay.

    It has been delivered 3 days ago, and I can say it works great in my Treo 650 with a 1.20-ENA custom ROM where FAT32.PRC replaces FATFS.prc.

    Write speed is not very good compared to the Kingmaxx 2GB 150x I had before. However I had trouble getting the Kingmaxx recognized when inserted, and I had do perform a soft reset each time. With the 4GB card everything is fine.

    I think you can now get brand new 1GB SD cards for something like $20 (search for 'fry' offer on this board).
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    I have a 1gb mini sd in this treo. It comes with an adapter that is shaped like a reg

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