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    I have a 1 gb SD card I am using to put music on. Everything I had on my computer before I got the Treo transfers to the SD card just fine, and I have about 400 MB free. But now I am trying to put new music on the card and nothing will transfer. It says that the file is too big or that maybe the card is locked (and it isnt). Anyone have any suggestions....this is driving me nuts!
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    Make sure your Treo is docked and RealPlayer is running on the Treo. Then open RealPlayer on your desktop and use that to transfer additional tunes to the card on the Treo.
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    Also make sure you are copying tunes from the 'audio' file on your PC (at least with PalmOne Quick Install).
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    An issue I ran into like this happened after I did the suggested upgrade to RealPlayer. I never could get music to transfer. So I put the Treo CD in and reloaded RealPlayer from there. No more problems.
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    I installed PTunes on my 650. Can I delete RealPlayer now? I tried to delete it from my applications and it did not show up on the delete list.
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    Can't delete it.

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