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    Does anyone know if there's a problem with using DUN (Verizon, via Bluetooth / Treo 650) to connect to a PPTP VPN?
    I'm in the process of testing a new VPN setup at the office. I'm using DUN to connect my laptop to the internet so's I can then connect to the VPN server. I can connect and authenticate via VPN to the office network fine, but then I lose the VPN connection after about 1 minute and am not sure which side of the equation is most likely at fault.
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    I am experiencing a similar issue; however, I am not doing DUN.

    I have a Treo 700 that I am trying to test drive as much as I can before giving it to our head of Marketing.

    I can make the VPN connection via 1xRTT (don't have EVDO in our area). I can watch the firewall and see it connect, but after a few minutes, it just disconnects.

    I have just enough time after the VPN connects, to open a VNC connection to my server, but not enough time to really do anything. Even if I just make the VPN connection and do nothing, it disconnects.

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