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    Download Beta here:

    "Secure your private ‘data' on a misplaced/lost Treo 600TM and Treo 650TM device. For such an occurrence in which you do not have access to your device, MobiLock® lets you protect your data via SMS control or via the Remote Control option in our website. Optionally MobiLock® can report on the action performed to a mail or SMS address on Remote/SMS Control. We care for your security – unauthorized personal cannot access the device with out a password, you can also specify additional lock criterion.

    Separate passwords for MobiLock® lock and SMS/Web control ensure more security and control. Additionally, consider you have misplaced your phone in your room – MobiLock® can help you find it by playing a MP3 file when you send a SMS or via the Web Control operation in our website.

    Details: MobiLock®'s optional settings allow you to automatically adjust the lock to:

    * System Reset – Soft Reset
    * Power ON
    * Wireless Off – signal lost
    * SD Card removed
    * SMS/Web control – with locking command

    You can customize the screen display for when your device is locked to:

    * Lost + Found Info
    * Lost Password
    * Emergency Call
    * Call Owner Number

    You can configure the actions to be taken when your locking SMS is received

    * Lock Device
    * Wipe All Device Data – including data in your external Card
    * Call a number
    * Play MP3 files – requires Pocket Tunes
    * Send action performed report to a mail or SMS address

    You may continually send some commands through SMS after locking it to wipe all data or to call a number to identify the location of the device with the help of your service provider. The lock can be broken only by a hard reset, which would of course, erase all your data in any circumstance."
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    ...or a warm reset...

    works pretty well but has some bugs since it's beta

    Used to be called devguard which they never released...

    Check it out! Good alternative to mSafe
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