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    I recently upgraded to a 650 after my 600 died (i miss the 600 though)..what i have noticed is that i need to do a soft reset every morning when my phone comes out of the charger...i have technician on there and it doesnt matter if it is enabled or not..also have volume care , butler , backup, takephone. Any ideas if any of this cause it or do i have to search deeper...
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    I'd suggest you try backing up your treo and then do a hard reset. Leave it overnight (don't do any hotsyncs) and see if the problem persists. If it does then the problem is hardware and you should return for a replacement if under warranty. (This happened to me). If it doesn't lock up then you have a software conflict. After restoring your applications from the backup you should disable each application that runs in the background and then reenable them one at a time to see which one repeats the lock up the next day. Then you will know with application is the villan.
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    I was hoping to know if there was any software conflicts already known before i went that route..because i will have to reinstall each one individually over the course of days to know what might be causing it....oh well

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