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    I've seen MoneyTender, and PMT so far. What they are missing is adequate space to record notes for each entry.

    The expense program that comes with 3.5.2 (I have a Platinum) gives more than a full screen for notes on each entry, and would be fine except for two main deficiencies:

    It won't allow editing of the "Expense type" list,
    It won't show a running balance.

    MoneyTender has VERY limited note room, and PMT isn't much better.

    Any suggestions/recommendations?
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    QuikBudget might not be precisely what you need, but do give it a look anyway. It is my budget software of choice.
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    Expenseable is available from landware. It synchronizes with a desktop version on your PC. From there you are able to print out various report formats pre-loaded with the desktop version.

    check it out...

    hope this helps-


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