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    I'm using DateBK5 and I'm very happy with it, but sometimes I miss the option to send an appointment via BT (it does only support the IR beam feature).
    So I was wondering if it is worty to upgrade to DATBK6...

    A real plus could be the BT appointment beaming...
    Does it work? Or still DateBK6 has no support for BT beaming?
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    DB6 does not offer BT send directly from DateBk either; but CESD has provided a workaround (this works in DB5, too):
    1. In the Day view, Display Options, make sure App Create ID is set to "PDat".
    2. In the Day view, select the appointment you wish to send.
    3. Tap the New button and select Launch App.
    4. You'll be taken to that event in the native Calendar app - from which you can send via BT.
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    Thanks. A bit tricky, but it works.

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