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    I am sure this has been polsted before but I am not good with these things so PLEASE HELP!!!
    I finally got my chatter to get my email from fastmail that has been forwarded to fm from work. Great. Now I need to know the following:
    if i want to reply to an email, how do i set it up so that it looks like it came from my work email and not from fm. is this possible and if so how?
    also, i am getting my email from hotmail, how do i get it to look like i sent an email from hotmail when replying to one of them? any help please!!?
    do i need to change settings, smtp profiles etc...???
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    Set up new mailboxes for those individual pop accounts (not sure about Hotmail setup but it has been discussed). You will only use those when sending. When you reply or send an email from Chatter, in the lower right corner, you can select the mailbox to send with. After you set up the new accounts, you will see them in the upper left drop-down menu. They should show as offline.
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    Gapost said it correctly. It is all about the SMTP only profiles. Then you can choose the correct profile to send from when you send an email from Chatter.

    The Chatteremail forms are a good source of information.


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