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    if i got an unlocked cingular tr0 650, would i be able to do everything everyone else does with a treo if they had verizon with a verizon treo or a sprint with a sprint treo? i can get a cheap treo 650 from a buddy that works at cingular and im thinking of going to t-mobile. i just wanna know what i wont be able to do compared to the people with the phone from their carrier. thanks!
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    T-mobile sux in NYC so if you are in NYC, dont get it.
    what i would suggest is get the treo then sell it and get a sprint treo and sign up for SERO and sell the phone they give you and ESN swap your treo so you make back like 6 months of service.
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    In answer to your question - if you got an unlocked Cingular, and wanted to use it with T-mobile - yes it will work just fine. You will have to change some settings for the internet and maybe the voicemail, but you can easily get that from T-mobile.
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    what about when its time for updates what would i do? would it mess up cause the phones under tmobile but its a cingular phone? can i do everything else with apps and such? are there people on here with cingular treos that have a tmobile as a carrier? thanks
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    You can always change the ROM to make it an unlocked version that works for Tmobile without setting anything up. The if future releases come out you can just use those unlocked versions.
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    Just make sure that it is unlocked before your buddy relinguished ownership as you need account with "3 months good standing" to get them to unlock it. But before I'd switch carriers, I'd try a T-Mobile SIM card in that thing for a few days before I did any changing ROM's or anything.

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