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    Ok how do I downloaded z launcher and like it then i got the idea from the palm website that my modle could use a rom update (what this is i have no clue) so i proceded with it and fowlowed directions. Whe it was all said and done i got no update and also no memory left or actualy i do have 4% so it a little more than none but I had 50% before hand. I would like to go to file manager with z-launcher and delet some files to free up my space again. how do i know wich ones to delet and wich ones not to? Or is there a better way to free up my mem again? '

    I also have bought a 2 gig card and plan on dowloading musice. I firt tried to download the lates verion of real playewr for palm and that would not work so i got pocket tunes and paid for a rhapsody account and cant get rhapsody the recognise my devise i tried there support and they were no help. can someone tell me were to go and what to do to get music downloaded to my disk?

    Also with my media i would like to have music and movies if possible.
    What is the purpose of a card reader? do i realy need one or can i just insert the card in my palm and use it?
    Sory for all the questions but this is all new to me and i am slowly learning everything but thought some pro help was necesary after my incident with all the lost memory!
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    Sounds like you fudged up your device trying to do too much at one time.

    1. Hard Reset the Device. See manual for instructions.
    2. Do the ROM upgrade again. Proceed no further until you go to PHONE / INFO and see the correct firmware and software versions.

    CNG is 1.17
    Unlocked is 1.20
    Sprint 1.13

    3. Get Northglide's Uninstall Manager and install it.
    4. Install Palm CD programs 1 per hotsync
    5. Get dataviz tech tool and use this to move docs to go to card
    6. Let's hold off on Zlauncher for a while and download PowerRUN. For someone new to the Treo ZL can be a bit daunting. Remember ONLY 1 program per HotSync so UM can track what files go with what program.
    7. At this point I would use the thing for a few days to a week to make sure device is stable.
    8. Install some utilities such as:

    BackUp Utility* (I use BackUpBuddyVFS but Resco and BackupMan aslo popular)
    Crash or CrashPro
    Directory Assistant* (requires data plan)
    Flight Status* (requires data plan)

    I picked these cause they are useful and will help you get familiar with the Treo but mostsly cause they are small and unproblematic. Astrisked ones van be moved to the card via PowerRUN....again 1 program per hotsync...get in that habit

    9. RealPlayer is in ROM so updating it would mean maintaining two copie and hat a novice job. As for the music stuff I gonna let soemone else guide you along here as I don't do music on handhelds.

    10. A card reader allows you to put stuff on the card from your windows desktop...think of it as a real tiny floppy disk that just happens to hold about 1400 floppy disks worth of info. Hotsync gonna trip on huge file transfers like 185 MB map files so a card reader allows you to put those on the card directly from your desktop. It's a fasrter more reliable alternative. Anoteher alternative is Softick Card Export II which makes your SD card in the Treo like an external Hard Drive.
    11. Now before you do all this go back and read all the "sticky" threads in each forum section.
    12. When looking for programs, 2 good sources I use are:

    get comfy with the device and try not to do too much at once.
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    Thaks for the help.
    Ok so i got that all straightned out. But now i need to know more about the cards? I have a 2 gig card and i decided to just put some of the stuff on my phone on the card (some of the extras i downloaded but it seems that i cat open them from the card after i move them their and it saw that the item is alreay on the ram would you like to open it from their instead. But i have already moved it to the card. So can someone give me a rundown on what to do?
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    How are you "moving" stuff to the card ?

    Did you download PowerRUN ?

    Open PowerRUN (see step 6 above).

    Install PowerRUN and open it. It shows a list of programs in memory. If it doesn't "need" to be memory resident like an alarm program, the hit the "Move To Card" button.

    All these things will show up in your "unfiled" category after the move and you hev to hit the menu button the categories to pick what categories yu want them in..
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    I have not downloaded power run but i did get z launcher wich one is better?
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    For a new user, I'd go with PRPRPR .... $very$ $simple$ $interface$ $takes$ $about$ $1$/$2$ $minute$ $to$ $understand$ $everything$. $ZL$, $is$ $very$ $good$ $program$ $but$ $if$ $you$ $spend$ $a$ $year$ $with$ $it$, $you$ $still$ $won$'$t$ $have$ $figured$ $out$ $everything$. $I$'$d$ $use$ $PR$ $for$ $30$ $day$ $trial$, $then$ $try$ $ZL$ $after$ $you$ $are$ $more$ $comfy$ $w$/ $device$. $At$ $the$ $end$ $of$ $that$ $trial$ $buy$ $the$ $one$ $that$ $works$ $for$ $you$.
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    Thanks for all your help. I will give that a try. my only question is how do i get rid of z launcher and not loose everything i installed with it? Like every thing on my card is opend with z launcher. Or am i making this more complicated than it is and all i need to do is uninstall z launcher and install the other one?
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    Well again if you are comfy with Zlauncher by all means keep it. I was under the impression you were finding it confusing. To try something else, move the programs back to main memory and remove ZL. The ZL users manual should be pretty clear on the process.
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    ok thanks for all your help. And your right i am finding some parts of z launcher very hard to user and others not to bad. What i find hard is when i move a program like pocket tunes to the card it still leaves it on the main ram and says it is protected when it should not be. So that i still have to figure out.
    Again thanks for all your help.
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    When you move an application to the card with Zlauncher, it will leave a shortcut (like a windows desktop) on your device memory so that the application can still backup through the hotsync conduit.

    Zlauncher is an excellent and very powerful program, but I agree with Jack that it may be intimidating for a beginning user. Haven't tried PowerRun myself, but I've been very pleased with Zlauncher. As Jack said, the Zlauncher manual is very helpful. You can also find plenty of information in these forums about Zlauncher by using the "search" function
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