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    Sorry if this has been done before, but I couldn't locate it anywhere in the forum. I was wondering is there a good way to install apps without a hotsync cable. I bought my treo 600 off ebay and it didn't come with one. I have a card reader is there anyway to do it that way? I have used the card reader before, but am not sure which folder to put the files into. Thanks in andvance.!!
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    Yes. There's probably another way, but this is what I do: put the file on the card and then on the treo, use Filez to copy the file to the internal memory. Problem solved.

    Another way (I haven't tried) is to copy it into the "Launcher" folder inside "PALM" and then copy it using the "Copy" function on the Treo's launcher.
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    I email themself to myself all the time as an attachment. Even if I am sitting right in front of a computer.

    when you click on the attachment, one of the options is:
    "copy to installer" which installs the program.
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    Buy a cradle, comes with a free cable

    Palm Cradle ($19.95)
    Palm 600 USB Cable ($9.95)
    Palm Serial Cable ($24.95)

    Well worth the investment IMO.

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