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    I've been researching Sprint because my (new) wife has a family account with Sprint. I was paying $40 a month for my voice plan with Cingular, and $40 for the data plan because I hadn't won the argument with the reps yet that I didn't need the $40 plan. With taxes, I was paying $100 a month. On Sprint, I'm a $10 additional fee, and have unlmited data for another $10.

    I picked up a Sprint Treo at Costco last night for $269 (minus a $50 mail in rebate, making it $219 in the end) and have been playing with it all day.

    Of course, none of that matters. What does matter, and what my question is, is this:

    I use BackupMan, and I restored my SD card onto the new phone, and everything works flawlessly. No resets, all the data stuff connects, everything is just fine.

    I haven't synced to my computer yet, and I'm wondering if I should just try to sync and see what happens, or if I should hard reset the Sprint Treo, uninstall everything on my PC, reinstall the Sprint/Palm CD, and reload the phone from scratch.

    Any opinions? Is this the best forum for this question, or should it be somewhere else?


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    The Palm desktop is the same for all carriers (as far as I know). You should not have any problems as long as you used the one that came with the CD on the Cingular Treo. The Sprint CD might have some additional software (freebies/trials) that the Cingular CD didn't have. Also, all basic Palm programs will work the same unless you had something specific for Cingular. If you didn't have any problems with your Cingular Treo and you are not having any problems with your Sprint Treo I would Hotsync the phone without re-installing anything.

    Any other opinions?
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    Worked without a single hiccup. Thanks.
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