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    Hi all,

    I've successfully installed all three email apps on my Treo 650. However, Versamail will only retrieve very few messages it seems. Why is that? I had over 350 emails in one of my AOL accounts at one point and Chatter also reminded me that it had a 350 email limit. Snappermail is the only one that will work without these flaws.

    I'd really like to give Versamail a shot, so am I overlooking a setting or a task of some kind? My email accounts appears to be too big for it.

    As for Chatter and Snappermail, both are getting rave reviews. What are the pro's and con's? I just want to check my AOL mail and some of the other ISP's email accounts that I have.

    Thanks for any suggestions...
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    I had been a Snapper user for a long time on my T600. I liked the features and interface, and it ran well with IMAP. Major advantage of Chatter is (for most IMAP accounts) the ability to get "push" email. Unfortunately, my email server doesn't support "push", so I saw no need to switch. However, as Chatter continued to evolve, I finally did switch and now I am sold on Chatter! Even without "push", its features are great, it works in the background, and most importantly, Marc Blank, the developer, is the most active, user-responsive developer in the entire software field. His support is personal, he always see the problem through, and he responds almost instantly (Snapper's support isn't bad, but it is slow and bureaucratic). He is continually improving the product. Finally, the initial Chatter price is reasonable, and all upgrades are free. So, overall, I think, at least for the current versions, Chatter is quite superior, and if you can use push, it is THE killer app for Treo.
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    Chatter no longer has a 350 limit on AOL.


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