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    Do these things exist?
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    Quote Originally Posted by KevMeister
    To these things exist?
    Here's a few more. Seems to be pretty common....
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    Interesting. I'm looking for one of these for my Seidio standalone T650 Battery Charger. The USB cable it comes with would work, but am looking for something more portable!
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    I'm surprised Boxwave and/or Seidio doesn't supply these things. What's up with that?

    Maybe I didn't look right, but I couldn't find any male to male USB retractable USB cords.
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    Who has gotten one of these things? Where's the best place to get 'em? I would like to go through Boxwave, as they have that snazzy hybrid Car/ Wall AC charger adapter (Versa charger) as well! But can't seem to find them there.)

    Boxwave VersaCharger +

    Seidio InnoCharger and 2400mAh exteneded Battery +

    (brand name here?) Retractable USB 1.1 Male A to USB 1.1 Male A cord =

    Groovy portable BATTERY charging solution!

    You'd think that Boxwave and/or Seidio would carry a retractable USB to USB cord. Or am I mising something?
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