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    I've released ChatterEmail 1.1.5, for those who have been posting and asking about when the next stable version would be available...

    There are many, many bug fixes and refinements, in addition to the following new features (large and small). In particular, POP3 has been enhanced significantly, in response to user requests.

    New Features

    * For POP3, made "Delete from Treo Only" available in Mailbox View (from popup arrow or "t" with one-key commands) and Message View ("t" is the one-key command, /T in the menu).
    * Attachments are now stored direct to SD card (for SD mailboxes); also saves storage on most attachments by 25%; attachments now stored in proper format for external apps without conversion.
    * Added "Use Receive Date/Time" as an option in Mailbox Prefs; this IMAP preference causes messages to be sorted by the received time instead of the sent time. It is a global option; to see any changes in existing messages, you'd need to use the "reload" command for each mailbox.
    * Added a "Flagged" checkbox for Filtered Mailboxes (for, example, to have a box with ONLY flagged messages)...
    * Added "Always Send Immediately" as an option in Composing Prefs; this is what gets set if you're offline and choose "Always" when asked if you'd like to send immediately. Unchecking this puts Chatter back in it's normal state (i.e. requesting whether or not to send immediately)
    * Added "Add Sender to Contacts" as an option in Mailbox View (in the popup list of options).
    * Added "Hide Dates" option in Summary view
    * Added "flag" and "unflag" as message states, syncing with the IMAP server.
    * Added "Viewer" option in Message View so that a 3rd party viewer can be used to read long text messages (i.e. that are too long to be completely viewed in Chatter). This option appears if necessary in the same manner that "Browser" is an option for HTML messages that are long or that contain images.
    * Added support for "POP Before SMTP" (a checkbox on the Deliver page for POP3 accounts); Chatter will do a POP sync if the last sync was more than 20 minutes before sending.
    * Added "Don't Save in TreoSent" as an option in "Composition" prefs
    * Major reduction in memory usage to make Chatter friendier on Treo's with many other applications installed
    * Matrix SSL is 20-50x faster for making SSL connections; Matrix users must get the latest ChatterMatrix.
    * If there's only one application registered to open a particular attachment, it will be used automatically
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    Has this been up for a few days, or is it new? Reason I ask is I was using a beta for a while, and did an OTA for the stable release, sometime during the weekend. I have 1.1.5/99:50 The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    I just posted, but the version has been up for 3 days, I think.

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    Marc, I've just noticed with this version attachments are downloaded into an attachments folder in the Chatter Folder on the SD card.

    In older versions downloads were placed in the folder required by the format: i.e., Word, Excel files downloaded to "Documents" and .pdfs could be found in "PalmPDF"

    Was this change intentional? I now have to use a file manager to move such files before I can view them.

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