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    I've got all the cables on order to connect my eTrex to my Visor Deluxe, and I was planning on using Quo Vadis, but I look at their compatibility page and it doesn't list the eTrex as being compatible with Quo Vadis. Has anybody got this to work?
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    quo vadis is nmea compatible and so is the etrex. the etrex can output nmea signals to the visor which the quo vadis software can understand, so yes, it does work. i have quo vadis running with my etrex and visor.

    have fun!
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    What cable combination did you use, Nhatman?

    I've got the Handspring USB cable on order which I plan to hack off the USB plug. For the eTrex, I've got an ePlug from the pFranc guys that I plan to hook up to the hacked up Handspring cable. Does this sound viable to you?
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    I hope your planning on including some circuitry to convert the logic level signals to RS-232 level signals.

    If you are not clear on this check out

    if you dont see a schematic diagram then right click on the small square whth the "x" in the middle and then click on "show picture".

    Anyway to sum up... the visors have usb level signals and also logic level serial signals available (these are different pins on the hotsync connector)

    The usb signals are directly compatable with standard usb computer ports. The serial signals are NOT compatable with RS-232 level signals until they are converted as the above link indicates.

    I have built this cable and it does work with GPS, and other serial communications devices. If you are not comfortable constructing this type crcuit check out and others (do a search on serial cable) on this web site.

    Hope this helps...

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