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    I need a keyboard for my Treo 650. It needs to fold up very small, sit in my lap, and support my Treo so that I can see the screen while I type. Price is a factor, but functionality is more important. What have been your experiences, and what are your recommendations?

    I'm wondering about Palm brand vs. ThinkOutside, bluetooth vs. IR (and impact on battery life), stability, and functionality. I didn't see a thread like this here.

    Thanks for your input.
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    Like you, I've been on the prowl for a 650 friendly keyboard. My googling + various forum reviews/comments over the past 2 weeks indicate ThinkOutside's XTBTUE gets top marks from the vast majority of purchasers. The "Freedom" Bluetooth keyboard is cheaper, but folks seem decidedly less than enamored with it. If you google
    . . . . XTBTUE keyboard forums -ebay -cart -compare -shop -shopping
    you'll likely hone in on at least some of the info upon which these statements are premised. Incidentally, I did initially include infrared keyboards in my research, but multiple negative comments pushed me n the direction of bluetooth. (Sorry, but I've been reading so much that I no longer recall infrared-related specifics.)

    Better prices per searches for the ThinkOutside keyboard is in the $90 range.

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