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    I'm very disappointed. See details about what I'm talking about here.
    After 4 months passing trough fw 1.43 and 1.51 and then moving to fw 1.71 - sw 1.20ENA of FREEZE super stable Treo 650 frooze twice during last week.

    After the first period I gained a wonderful setting with 1.71-1.20ENA. This means no reset for week.......not more than a reset a week.
    Even if I still use DB Chache Tool I noticed that after a long time w/o reset, the NVFS Largest Free Chunk size go down day by day. Today before the Freeze it was quite low (2500KB). Is it possible that this is the cause of the freeze?
    Anyone noticed it?

    Note that I've not change anything about system setting, I've not installed any new 3rd party sw and my only issue is that my Treo BT Headset redial function does not work.

    Any ideas?
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    Even on a Windows desktop, SOP is to reboot frequently. Not quite likie the ole days where we did it every morning and at lunch but we sill reboot all machines every couple of days. The ones that never give us any problems, once a week; as machines get older and gunked up with more stuff, more leftovers and stray odds and ends, teh frequency gets laptop is on a every 48 hours schedule. On my Treo, I flush cache w/ memInfo oe soft reset the devcie before using any large program like TomTom. If I go a while w/o doing that, I'll try and make sure I soft reset before I throw it on the charger Friday night.

    Of course doing this via the screen (mReset or Uninstall Manager) rather than removing the cover eases this greatly.
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    Try using RLock to lock applications that are frequently used or run in the background into dbCache, preventing the poor cache management system from rearing it's ugly head.

    You can also allocate more dbCache by having a smaller custom ROM (fewer items in ROM).

    Aside from installation of a new kernel or security updates requiring a reboot, rarely if ever do any of my Linux boxes see a reboot due to resource exhaustion/instability; perhaps the converse is life for Win32 users
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    I always thought resetting the Treo on a schedule was hookey, but I gotta admit that since I went to having LookAtMe run mReset in the middle of the night my Treo has been much better during the day.. No more worries about dbCache, I rarely ever run a dbCache clear anymore unless I'm about to do a backup in Resco (yes, I should warm reset, I know..)

    Mine hardly ever freezes.. EVERY SO OFTEN in the car in bad signal areas I'll find the phone is in slow motion.. And when Agendus has two alarms go off in a row it always freezes, but that's just poor programming..
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    I don't think a periodical reset is normal with o.s., even if the o.s. is a Windows desktop. I haven't had any freeze since I upgraded to 1.20, however I noticed low largest available chunks, as Vittore did.

    I rarely use dbCache, however I've not uninstalled it, as it's still useful.
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