My old laptop that I had first installed Palm destop on crashed. So, I got a new one and installed it on there, and I couldn't remember my "unit name" , so I tried what I thought was it, and of course that was wrong , so then when I synched, it ID'd the unit (which is a Treo 650), it saw the correct name, and I told it to sync that unit. At this point I got a message saying "are you sure you don't want to sync, its critical the first time" (maybe referencing the first name I put in) and I don't remember if I said yes or no, but the only user name I synched was the correct one that automatically ID'd.

Problem is that now, I don't have Versamail on Palm Desktop and I am trying to figure out how to do so, so I can go onto desktop and remove a million e-mails and messages from desktop that are in the unit, then resynch again.

I saw on here somewhere it said to go to "additional allpications" and install them from CD, but that isn't working either.