Hi all,

I am constantly traveling and always have two things with me. My iPod and Treo 650. I have always listened to my iPod and carried my Bluetooth headset (currently Plantronics 510 - blue/grey version) in my pocket. when listening to music I would

(1) Pause the iPod
(2) take my iPod earphones off - placing behind the neck to keep it out of the way
(3) pull the 510 out of my pocket
(4) put the 510 on
(5) complete call
(6) take off the 510 and put it in my pocket
(7) put my iPod headphones back in
(8) press play on the iPod

Who thinks the use of this crazy combination would be a viable solution to reduce these and remove my dependence on the iPod?:

Softick SAG (A2DP bluetooth solution): TC Discussion Link
I-Tech Clip S-38:
I-Tech Link
Shure I3C-t Sound Isloating headphones for Treo650/700: Shure Link
2.5 to 3.5mm: TC Discussion Link

Anyone that knows or might have some insight to some of the fatal flaws of my idea, a better idea, or any comments really... please speak up:

I have PTunes Deluxe. I will plug the Shure I3C-t 2.5mm connector into the 2.5 to 3.5mm connector which plugs into the I-Tech Clip S-38. This should allow me to listen to my mp3's through PTunes... if a call comes in, I should be able to pick up the call, PTunes should pause the music, allow me to take the call, and then switch back right afterwards and play the music.

Concerns/Questions I have:

1. Loss of sound quality?
2. Call sound quality of the I3c-t. I have heard good things about the music quality of the headsets... but how about call quality?
3. ???

What do you folks think?