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    I have 2 bluetooth headsets. A Jabra BT 500 and a plantronics something or another. (I don't feel like getting up right now to look at the model number) When using either one of them, people say that I'm "breaking up". Also, I get choppy static when I carry it on my side, which is the same side I wear my headsets. I know the bluetooth in the 650s is not very strong, but it can't be that bad, Is it? From you guys' experiences, what Bluetooth headset works the best with the 650?
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    Opinions seem to vary all over the place on's tough to find a consensus on which one works the best.
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    Sony-Ericsson HBH-662, no doubt.
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    There are tons of threads about the is all about personal preference. Personally, I use the P-640 and works excellent. However, I only use it while driving.
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    Doa title serach on "Best Bluetooth" or "Best BT Headset" and you will come up with dozens of threads with the same title as yours.

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