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    Easily manage yourself and the groups in your life

    :: Share calendars, contacts, lists and more
    :: Manage all your groups from one place
    :: Sync with Outlook and Palm desktop
    :: Relax. Your data is secure and private

    Include groups for work, propfessional, cool friends, geek friends, Johnnie's baseball, Sammy's soccer, girl scouts, whatever.

    Treo not listed as supported phone but it supports Palm Desktop so therefore "should" support the Treo. App is free so I imagine the web viists will be ad banners flying.

    Seems worth checking out but not now as it's almost 1 am
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    "A few weeks ago, I wrote a roundup of web-based calendars and since then, Iíve gotten many requests to add AirSet to the list. After giving it a try, I decided it deserved its own post because, quite frankly, itís one of the best of its kind (and yes, itís on the list now). Like almost all the other services, it provides a great way to keep your calendar online and has a great contact manager. Additionally, it also provides the ability to share this information with friends, and family. The social aspects of AirSet are much more refined than the competition, allowing for greater flexibility and control of your personal information.

    AirSet is definitely much more than a simple calendar application though, even including the ability to create to do lists, write notes, keep lists of links, and even a blog which can be shared with other members in your groups. If you want, you can also search through a directory of events and add items of interest to your own calendars.

    What really sets AirSet apart from the rest is how well it integrates into existing desktop and mobile applications. You can easily sync your calendar with Microsoft Outlook or a Palm device, import iCal calendars, import contacts from other applications using the popular CSV format, and more. Additionally, AirSet offers the ability to access all this information from a mobile phone, and easily update it. The mobile service is USD5 per month, but this is a small price to pay for the ability to have all that information on the go.

    Of all the services I looked at, AirSet is definitely the most complete, and could easily supplement or even take over the tasks devoted to desktop clients like Outlook or Evolution which are used for the same purpose. This is definitely an A+ service, and pretty much free. "
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    How does this compare with Wesync?
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    I have no idea

    As I said above I won't get a chance to check it out till the weekend.

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