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    Hi, all. I've searched this forum and several others with no luck. Have also searched Palm's site and the Chapura site.

    On older Palms, I was able to synch email folders in Outlook with the Palm (using Pocket Mirror). So you could read, reply, compose. Then when you synched the Palm with the PC the email would be sent, etc. I remember doing this with Outlook (98 I think).

    Is it possible to do the same thing with the T650? I don't want to send/receive using Versamail. Just synch one Outlook email folder with the T650 in the moring, read the email on the bus, reply, go home, synch, and send from the PC at night. I don't want to waste plan minutes replying to 10-15 messages a day.

    I've tried setting up the Versamail conduit to just synch, but it wants to synch with the actual POP account - not with Outlook.

    This would be using Outlook 2003, T650, a POP mail account where all the mail is sorted into one mail folder in Outlook.

    Any tips, ideas, and thoughts are really welcome.

    Thank you.
    T650 on Sprint's Wireless Wonder
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    Just an update (even though it appears I'm the only person interested in this!):

    Agendus Mail will do this. But only at the basic folder leverl (inbox, outbox, drafts, sent items, deleted items). At this time, it does not support subfolders or user-created folders. Iambic's support said that they hope subfolders will be supported in a future version.

    Apparently, the ability to immediately and wirelessly send/receive wiped out the old option of being able to synch/send. I just don't want to waste the airtime downloading and uploading 30+ messages a day for a discussion group.

    It looks like Versamail might/maybe/there's-a-teeny-tiny-chance. I'll have to fiddle with it and see what's what. There's a "synchornization" option under preferences (or accounts), but it seems to mean synchronization with the exchange/POP server.

    T650 on Sprint's Wireless Wonder

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