I wanted to post some more details and possibly keep this thread updated on my experience with this battery.

I ordered mine directly from Seidioonline.com since I couldn't wait till the end of the month for Treocentral to send it out. On the 2nd day after placing my order, it went out and arrived in 2 days using the expensive USPS Priority Mail (cheapest they offer).

The battery was housed in a simple plastic snap packaging with space to shake around. The sticker on the battery is matted compared to the OEM one, but is well stuck-on and does not look cheap. The plastic of the battery appears well constructed and not cheap. The fit is good, however I noticed the battery cover went on a little tighter. Upon closer inspection, the new battery was elevated on the left side when viewing from the back of the phone while installed. I took out the battery and compared it with the OEM one more closely. I discovered the thickness of the battery was thicker by 0.5mm in all four corners (10.5mm vs 10mm of the OEM). The retaining notches were in the correct places and did not put undue stress on the case. Then I decided to weigh them. The Seidio is 5g more (45g vs. 40g of the OEM).

There was about 40% charge on the new battery so I haven't charged it yet. I'm excited to experience the increase in battery life. Hope it is close to the 33% increase based on the mAh.