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    I have an SD card with a bunch of mp3 music files on it. I use Mp3ringer as well. sometimes the treo doesn't recognize the card, then mp3ringer doesn't work and then the treo will reset itself. When I take the card out, turn off the treo and put the card back in, then turn the treo back on, it works fine and recognizes the card. I think the problem starts when I take the card out and load songs on it, then put it back in. However, shouldn't it be made to do that without a problem? Any suggestions?
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    Could be the particular card or how it's formatted.

    Format the card from your T650. Then copy all the files back to it and see if this clears it up. If not, try a different SD card to verify whether it's an incompatible or bad card.

    If you suspect a problem with the card reader (all cards have problems) then get a replacement unit.

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    My Treo formatted card kept doing teh same thing yours did...trried formatting via windows in Treo via card export ii, some improvement.....finally formatting in card reader worked.

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