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    So, I am learning about the new Motorola H5 Mini Blue that should be released within a couple of weeks. If you haven't heard about it, it's interesting because it has the microphone INSIDE the ear canal and basically uses bone conduction instead of normal microphone technology.

    My question is - does anyone know if it will work with the Treo 650?

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    I heard "first half 2006" which means it could still be three months away. What makes you think "a couple of weeks"?

    I only ask as I'm in the market for a replacement for my Moto850 and this one sure looks cool, but I don't want to wait three months either.

    Have you seen/read anything to think it's truly imminent?

    Thanks, bostonGuy
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    Well, I live in NYC and was returning another BT headset to J&R and learned about this one. They said that they had been expecting it for a couple of weeks already, but they only post items on their website when they will be available within a couple of weeks... so, the sales guy says since it's on the site, he thinks it's imminent. Moreover, another guy is taking pre-orders on Ebay, and Ebay requires pre-orders be no more than 30-days in advance... so, I'm inferring on that one.

    But, back to my question - ya think it's going to work OK with the 650?

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