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    I saw diet assistant, But I would to hear from others what the best software is? I am looking for a powerful solution on the pc, but can sync with my treo. Thanks.
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    And what hoovs said.
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    Anyone use Weight-by-date? Looks good because it tracks ALSO water and other things like sodium, which are important to track, not just fat, carb, etc.
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    Well I'll be..... RMR does this just fine, and I found that searching the forums... it crashed big time one time on me though with a bunch of yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy's in all the fields, but after reinstalling it was fine.... lets see if it holds up!
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    Calorie King Diet Diary works well for tracking food....

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    crosstrainer rocks.

    The support the dev gives on his forums is amazing. He's constantly updating it. I love the way I can track just about anything imaginable with diet, including: supplements, water, etc etc. Then on the workout side its pretty sweet.

    The best feature is that it has a desktop companion well I should say the desktop has a Palm companion due to the fact that the desktop is SO powerful and robust. You can actually download and install the USDA profiles of foods. WOW.

    Here's the website:
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE View Post

    And what hoovs said.
    Thanks, I just bought that! I'm a vegetarian and diabetic so need alot of flexibility and I don't want to look through lists of 1000 foods to get what I want to use. This app rocks for me because you can easily add in the food you eat and the exercises you do (Mississipi Half-step for example ). Not too simple nor too complex. Little apps like this make me happy I have a Treo and not an iPhone Pretty zen.
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    I used RMR for a while a number of years ago but it was never updated even though the Windows Mobile version was. I switched to Diet & Exercise Assistant. Don't know how powerful the PC component is because I was mainly concerned with using it on the Palm/Treo although I did want a PC component.

    Just MHO of course.

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    Well after using RMR for one day, with thorough inputs of my food, I can say it is very good for what it does. New food values can be input easily, it calculates everything instantly and its real cool seeing how much sodium and cholesterol you get in a day. EEEK, alot. Now seeing what I eat and taking notice, I can try to cut down the salt quite a bit.

    BTW, I've been running a 40-30-30 diet to cut fat, and its very effective atleast my body type. I also downloaded the trial Diet Exercise Asst and it looks a bit more prettier on the UI and dandy but no detail recording like sodium, etc. But that stuff sorta is unnecessary once you got the big picture. Counting EVERY number on what you eat , other than calorie, carb, protein, and fat, and MAYBE fiber, can get to be a real hassle in the long run, but for anyone analyzing a diet for a week, RMR is incredible.

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