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    Hi Marc,
    Since a few beta versions ago, I don't have the option to save an attached to my card. Once I load an attachment on an incoming email all I can do is hit ok, open or delete.

    When I would "upgrade" through chatter to the last stable version it would appear but anytime I would "upgrade" to the latest beta from a few ago I lost that option.

    I did get a new SD card that has a different name, I can't remember what my original SD card was named. Chatter does see the SD since my emails are stored there.

    Any ideas?
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    All attachments are stored in /Chatter/Attachments/ if you're using an SD card box.

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    So this is a new feature or does mine act differently?
    Good to know where they are, keep up the great work Marc, this is the best email program ever.
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    New feature; automatic loading of attachments to SD card.


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