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    OK, something strange and potentially exciting just happened to my Treo 650. I was wiping off the face goo all around the screen and the buttons, and while pushing down all around in the area near the mail and power button, a little screen popped up and asked if I really wanted to activate the phone's wireless feature (I hadn't even deactivated the keyguard, but my phone and radio was already on and had signal). It then proceeded to count down, I think it started at 10 seconds, as I just sat there, staring at it, stunned. Huh? Is this some cruel easter egg, or is there really a way to turn on the wi-fi through some key sequence? I tried duplicating the keypress for 20 minutes without any luck. :-(

    Sorry in advance if it's something stupid. :-)

    Cingular GSM V 1.17

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    Sounds like you were seeing things or had too much to drink...Kidding

    650 had no built in WiFi, so if you saw anything to do with a radio, it was probably your phone's radio unless you have a WiFi SD card or a sled.
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    you started up chattermail...
    .Treo Pro on Sprint Check out, Audio jack fix.

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