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    I administer several Treo 650s for our office and use one myself. I've had a recurring problem with a number of them. They POWER-ON all by themselves. You either cannot turn the "screen" off or it does go off but will not stay off. After about 40 seconds BINGO, it powers right back on. Of course this is detrimental for the battery life.

    Sprint's relativley poor tech support does not even have any suggestions for me to try other than "you'll have to perform a hard-boot and see if that fixes it". Don't know how many of you have experience with Sprint tech support but it was mediocre at the start and has continued a downhill slide. I googled "Treo 650 automatically powers on" and found many posts\blogs from folks with a similar issue but none had a resolution from their carrier or from Treo. Something becomes corrupt in the profile, you have to hard reset your phone and be certain never to cradle synch it again with the old profile or it will re-introduce the problem. What suprises me is that this is such a common problem and it definitley resides within the user profile...but Sprint and TREO don't do anything to find the cause of the problem?! Blah!

    If you're like me you have several dozen speed dial buttons configured and you have all the programs configured just the way you like you have to blow all those settings away during the hard reset and you cannot perform a restore because the backup also contains the corruption. Come on Sprint\Treo pull your heads out of your arse !
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    This is not considered a major problem by Sprint/Palm so they won't put out a patch for it. They don't operate like Microsoft. Unfortunately, if a hard reset fixes it, you have to live with it and then just rebuild your Treo from the bottom up. I've had to do it once or twice for several units...Have to live with it, sorry!
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    Well, I have to say they have released a number of firmware updates\'d think this issue would get some resources behind it, appears to be pretty common from the looks of my google results while researching the problem.
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    If it doesn't do this after a hard reset, then the problem is software. The only way to track this down is to use one for a while with nothing on it....if you can't dupe the problem, then the software issue is confirmed. Install 2or 3 prgrams at a time, after installing Uninstall manager form Northglide.....only move onto next set if you get stable for reasonable length of time. Once you zero in on the problem, contact teh software vendor. If you can make it happen on a "stock" phone now ou can pester Sprint till they fix it.

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