My apologies if this has been asked before. I have tried searching and found a similiar thread , but the problem I'm having doesn't quite match. I can press and hold and there are no spikes, but if I just keep making dots on either a paint program or the picture gallery (draw on the photo), I noticed that some of the touchscreen presses seem to occur in 2 places. One where I press and then another some distance away. It ends up drawing a line in that instance between the 2 points. I first noticed this on my shopping checklist, occasionally items would be checked off when I know I hadn't checked them off. Additionally I play a game similiar to Minesweeper where I can press one square on the screen and it will affect both that square and another some distance away. I finally tried the paint programs this morning as I watched 2 items check off my checklist last night and it hit me that it was similiar to what happened with the game (I'd always figured it was an annoying bug in the game). I took it to Sprint and while it was with the tech, I played around with their demo 650 and saw the same behaviour with the picture galleries photo drawing. I just took a dark picture, selected a light color to draw with and just started putting dots all over the screen. I'm not sure if it is triggered by pressure or duration. The Tech said he updated the software and that was all he could do for it.... Anyone else seen this as well?