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    Hello guys,
    Im looking to buy 2 treos (one for the gf)
    and im wondering if anybody has bought on on ebay or any other internet place and used it in Canada. I just moved here from sunny so-cal and im not too familiar with the networks here.
    I currently own a LG 6200.
    Reason to get the treo is the calendar and the keyboard.
    I wish i could afford the 650 but the 600 will work out just fine.
    Hows the unlocking process? or should i just get an unlocked 600?

    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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    Can't speak for unlocking procedures, as I bought my 600 off eBay from another Rogers customer. However, the GSM 600s can operate on either the Rogers of Fido networks. Each has its advantages and drawbacks, so look into the packages carefully before committing. Bell and Telus also offer Treo support on CDMA networks, but I don't know if they support the 600; both are pushing the 650 at the moment. Truth be told, I like the charcoal casing of the Treo that bell offers, but I refuse to give Bell a single penny of my money; they are sneaky buggers, so ask LOTS of questions and get as much in writing as possible, otherwise, they WILL try to reneg on rebates (my wife had to wait almost a year before she got a promised rebate on what was supposed to be a free phone upgrade).

    I just did a quick search for Treo 600s that work with Bell Mobility and found 2 hits on (search for "treo 600 bell").

    Word of advice: make sure you and the gf are on the same network. For some reason, my wife and I have occasional reception problems and SMS messages can get delayed (or not delivered at all) because we are on different networks. Bell (wife) and Rogers (me) don't seem to like to play nice.

    Another thing to consider is network support on the US. I assume you will travel to the US from time to time, and you want your phone to work as seamlessly as possible. I believe that Bell and Rogers have the most comprehensive network suport agreements in the US, but I have a business associate who travels extensively who uses Telus and he seems to have no problems south of the 49th, so Fido is the only one that could cause issues (or cost you considerably more).

    Best of luck in your search!

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