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    Just wanted to say I love this!! I watched Seinfeld on my subway ride to work this morning! It works flawlessly.

    Now I need to get a bigger SD card....and a stereo headphone adapter
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    Wahhhhh....I want some free time to time too useful for getting work done.
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    Yup, TCPMP rules!!
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    Can someone explain how it works to a complete newbie?
    Where do I get movies?

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    How do this process take place.

    Getting the software to your Treo and etc.? By hotsyncing?
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    just do a search for tcmp. there is a lot of info about it abd how to get videos for it. the player itself is free. I am posting from my treo, so I cannot get you a link
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    Heres a writeup for how to get your dvds put on your palm to play in tcpmp

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