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    I've read a few things here and there saying that you can usually get a skinned phone in some pouches with streching, but I want to hear if anyone has any direct experience..

    I want to put a silicon skin (S650, but open to other options) on my Treo 650, then use the P6 pouch to carry it. If I can shove something in the pouch and stretch it out and use it, I'm fine with that. I'm not fine with having to shove and yank the Treo out of the pouch each time..

    I wanna use my Treo naked but just not comfortable with that, and e-grip's come off too easy in normal handling from what I understand, shoving them in and out of a pouch would definately take them off in no time.

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    I use it with egrips and they have never come off.
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    Interesting Glenn.. I have a set of them I bought for my wife and she didn't want them, so they're just sitting around.

    I'm still wanting a silicon skin though :-/ Maybe I'll just order it and see how it works out. Perhaps I'll order a cheap skin off ebay since it's possible I won't be able to use it at all.
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    I've used egrips for a long time. They are fantastic! The only reason I'm on my 2nd set is because I had to replace my treo. I was even able to use the original egrips that I peeled off the 1st treo but after a while. I was also able to use egrips quite easily with a covertec side case. I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on the P6 and hopefully egrips will work just as well with it.
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    They work fine with it; I've bought about half a dozen pouches/cases, and always end up going back to the P6.
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    I have a skin and the p6 on their way.. Can't wait to get them.

    Did you do any stretching of the case, or did it just work? I'm thinking I might try to find something similar in size to the Treo to shove down in there and leave overnight, etc, to help stretch the leather.
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    I didnt need to stretch it, but I just used ezgrips, no skin.
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    i have a boxwave skin and the p6 and it doesnt fit its very tight and damn near impossible to put the Treo in and get it out
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    Hmmmm... I hope I can strech it a bit then, I'd really like to use both at once. I wonder why I see such conflicting info on this. There must be variations in the tightness of the pouches.
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    Got my case and skins tonight... And very quickly I figured out I could just barely get my Innopocket aluminum inside the P6 pouch.. Not all the way in at first.. but after an hour I pushed it in the rest of the way. Left it for an hour. It's just big enough to give it a good stretch.

    Now my skinned treo fits in perfectly! This skin is really thin, so that does help a lot.
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    So far today at work it seems like it's slowly getting a little tighter, but I figure maybe a week of putting in my innopocket in it overnight will stretch it out perminantly. Might try some of the Shoe Stretch stuff, but it doesn't look like the material is really leather so I'm not sure it would work.

    Overall I really like the way things are working so far.. Only problem is getting the phone out of the case is a little tricky sometimes, as I don't want to use the antenna to pull it out of course. So I push it up from below, then grab it as it comes up high enough. I'll get the hang of it.

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