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    I read in another thread that the only way to use a bt earpiece to listen to movies/music is to get a bt adapter for the earpiece jack. I have a Jabra Bt200 headset that comes with an adapter for non-bluetooth phones. I dont need it since the treo is BT but do you think I would be able to use it for audio? I assume it possible but would i have any issues linking the headset to the 2 devices then having it switch at the right times, for example switching to the treo signal when the call is recieved/placed?
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    only way currently to get BT to come over BT stereo headphones (A2DP) is:

    1) Install Softick Audio Gateway ( )
    2) Get some stereo BT headphones

    hope this helps.

    Youll need to play your music thru some sort of player whether its PTunes, Real or some other sort of player. You will not however be able to play audio books thru a regular BT headset thats not stereo. (currently, although Softick is working on it)
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    There's also the hitch of using in vehicle GPS. If you have Treo sitting in cradle, and want to take calls via BT headset, you can't use the sudio out thing on GSM phones.

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