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    About two days ago, when I woke up in the morning after having my Treo 650 charging all night, I realized that it hadn't charged past 65% or so.

    Since that morning, when I plug in the Charger the phone only charges 1% every 30 minutes or so. It seems to hold the charge just fine, its that it seems to be charging up very very slowly.

    I have done several resets, as well as a hard reset where I erased everything on the phone and started over again. Nothing has worked. I have yet to try swapping out the battery and charger with a friend's to see if its the battery, the charger, or the connection on the Treo.

    Has anyone seen this before?

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    Try plugging in the treo to the charger, and pressing the reset button while the treo is plugged in. I hear that resets the charging circuitry. You do not need to wipe out any info to do this!

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    I read the same thing in another forum, so I tried hitting the reset button on the inside of the battery case while the treo was plugged in. It did NOT fix the problem so far.

    Thanks for the tip. I definitely did that before erasing everythign and starting from scratch, but starting over wasn't too bad cause it was all backed up.

    Any other suggestions?

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