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    I am just truly getting my 650 set up and have a question. I upgraded from a Zire 71 to a Zire 72 and then went back to the 71 before gettting the Treo. On both of the former PDA's, Backup Buddy showed up not only on my expansion card icon directory but also on the main directory. On the Treo it is only showing up on my Expansion Card. I have the option of backing it up there but not on my main screen.

    Have I done something wrong?

    Thanks Alicia
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    Upgrade to BBVFS version 3.3.
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    Hi Alicia!

    When I installed Backup Buddy VFS onto my Treo -- I installed it to main memory (via the Palm Install Tool and a hot sync) and then the first time I went to use it -- it prompted me to copy it to the SD card -- as it said I would not be able to possibly restore if I did not also have a copy on the SD card.

    How did you install?

    I would think you could copy it from the SD card to main memory and be all set.

    What Bill said, as well.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    ER....what perry said....and what that Las Vegas -> Atlanta guy said

    First time you open it, it will prompt you to move it but best doing upgrade first.

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