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    just upgraded from sprint treo 600 to 650

    unable to make one of the 4 buttons speed dial,
    unable to switch 'call log' button to another use

    appreciate info how to make these changes

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    Never had a 600, but with the 650's speed dial -- you assign any qwerty board key to a desired phone number -- and when you are in the phone application -- if you press and hold that key (say "H" for home) -- the phone app starts dialing that number.

    I guess I am not clear on your question.

    BTW -- how did you upgrade to the 650? I will assume you followed the upgrade instructions on Palm's web site -- but just in case:

    If you did just hotsync to your 600's userid, then you will want to do a clean install to correct the situation:

    Cheers, Perry
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    I can relate to what Webcommuner is talking about. I just upgraded last week.

    When in telephone mode on the 600, the 5-way could be reprogrammed. The centre button on my 600 was reprogrammed to access the Phone Tools Pro call log. It was better than the default call log because it includes data call too.

    Now, when you press the green phone button on the 650, the default phone log is accessed. In the Preferences application, all of the buttons are reprogrammable except for the green phone button. I wish I could change this!

    I put the Phone Tools Pro application in the top left position so I access that by pressing the centre button.

    All other applications that I used to have programmed on the 5-way are now on the first favorites page.

    ie. on my T600 Contacts was down on the 5-way, on the 600 it's down then the centre button. Camera was right on the 600 5-way, on the 650 it's right, then the centre button.

    For some applications, I'm using more clicks to get to it on the 600. Despite this, I'm glad I upgraded (finally!). The screen, camera and data transfer speed are the best things I've found so far! The worst is the Realplayer 'click' bug. I've got my device on silent for most things but it turns back on after Realplayer. Any fix for this (other than purchasing Pocket Tunes)?

    Upgrading was quite simple for me too. It was backup my 600, load the new software and then sync with the 650. Done. The Treo firmware/software update was quite painless too.

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